ColorXpression for YOU: wardrobe organisation

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Then it is time to clear out! We only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. This means that 80% of the money you spend on clothes is wasted. We will help you…


A wardrobe audit will:

  • Help you discover your closet’s hidden treasures
  • Provide style tips and fashion advice
  • Enable you to find cloths quickly and easily
  • Tell you what to toss from your old wardrobe

We highly recommend to book a wardrobe session after you have done your Personal Color Consultation


 39 euro per hour, sessions are usually about 2 ½ hours at your home

Book now by email:

“He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”

-Michelle Obama