Yvonne Kusters has a strong passion for color, art, fashion and design.

With years of experience in fashion  and  working with fabrics, textures and colors for the brands Beautiful Bag: ‘your personal photo on a trendy bag’ and Beautifularound the world. She is a real color-addict and expert in this field.

yvonne kusters

She is a certified color consultant who moved after 12  years of  living in Kuala Lumpur to The Hague in The Netherlands. She is able to help people truly shine with the right shades a and combinations.  She understands the power of personal and professional image and teaches individuals how to use clothing and the right colors to enhance their looks. Whether it’s personal shopping, wardrobe organization or a in-depth color analysis, Yvonne starts with a focus on the person and works with individual clients to create a really great, sophisticated look – without spending a fortune and having to change your entire wardrobe and jewellery.


“Everybody deserves to look and feel amazing from the inside-out, I make sure every client understands they too can look extraordinary, no matter what the occasion.  I help them to select colors and styles that suit their lifestyle. I love seeing the confidence that emerges from my clients when they learn how to use the right colors. They get a sparkle in their eye…and a big beautiful smile on their face…”

“Mauve? Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.”

                                                                                                                                                        -James Abbot