COLOR ANALYSIS: Find your Best Personal Colors

According to the Institute for Color Research, between 62% and 92% of the first impressions we make on others is based on color alone. Color  presents you to the world!  Welcome to ColorXpression.


ColorXpression based in The Hague in The Netherlands is able to help people truly shine with the right shades  and combinations. They understand the power of a personal and professional image and teach individuals how to use clothing and the right colors to enhance your looks. Whether it’s wardrobe organization or an in-depth color analysis, ColorXpression starts with a focus on the person and works with individual clients to create a really great, sophisticated look – without spending a fortune and having to change your entire wardrobe and accessories.

How do we work?

ColorXpression uses the highly individualized system based on the Albert  Munsell Color System. The result is not one of four seasons, but one of 10 seasons!! This is three times more precise than other systems and beautifully encompasses the full range of skin tones found in all ethnicities.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

-Rachel Zoe